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Managed IT Service

In today's competitive marketplace, an organization's business speed is determined by the speed with which it can transform data into information and accelerate communication – internally as well with customers and partners. Virtual helps clients achieve operational efficiency by ensuring that our clients technology resources, be it computers, PABX Systems, access control systems, printers, and servers, are kept at optimal performance maximizing productivity and reducing downtime of the business.

Microsoft Solutions

Today Microsoft technologies has become part of our homes and business. Most businesses rely on Microsoft solutions from Windows, to Word and Excel for many business functions. Microsoft Outlook is sometimes synonymous with email. With the significant investment most have made in Microsoft technologies, this becomes a natural place to increase efficiencies, cost savings and productivity gains.

On-Premises Security

Securing your IT infrastructure from online threats is only part of the picture. Securing your properties physically from today's threats are important more than ever. With so much risk all around us we have to be ready for unpredictable scenarios.

Networking Solutions

Communication is intrinsic to today's business environment. Being connected to clients, suppliers, business partners, colleagues, and other information sources, is continually increasing. Productivity and effectiveness depends on being connected anywhere, any time. Your network is at the core of this communication, whether it be email or internet, telephone, or Skype, Viber or the web. Our networking solutions ensure that your communication networks delivery the performance your business can rely on.